Why to Choose Catering for Your 2023 Event!

March 30, 2023 5:53 pm
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With 2023 in full swing and events and gatherings gaining momentum, it’s important to have a trusted caterer by your side! No matter the size and scale of your occasion, a team effort is always better than trying to complete every detail of the menu on your own. Keep reading for some things to consider if you’re thinking about an event caterer!

Crafting the Experience For Guests

When thinking about event catering, the first things to consider are the types of cuisine, the number of guests, and any dietary restrictions.

With a caterer’s help, there will be more ease in crafting a menu selection that is tailored to the theme of the event, when and where the event is taking place, and the demographics of the guest list. Are there kids attending? Is it a small group of people meeting all weekend long? Will the food be grab-and-go or served in courses? These are the types of questions you’ll be able to ask and get concrete answers for with a caterer!

A caterer has an eye for ways to elevate your event, which is why consulting with them is crucial while planning. Caterers use only the freshest and most high-quality ingredients, keeping their inventory sourced and stocked according to the local season. Depending on when your event is taking place during the year, your chosen caterer will recommend various proteins, fruits and veggies, and any other ingredients that are in season! Also, you can’t forget the way the food will be presented! Any event deserves cuisine that is pleasing to the eye AND the taste buds, so having a caterer bring a holistic eye to your event needs is smart, right down to the plates and silverware used.

Managing the Experience for You

Caterers provide a full-scale experience for your event, from the food to the staff that serves it all. If you’re considering booking a caterer for your 2023 event, both you and the caterer will keep your budget in mind from the start. The right caterer will take matters into their own hands, with your approval of course, and let you be a guest at your own event. That’s how we like to do it at Wild Currant!

Contact our team at Wild Currant today for your event catering needs in the Pacific Northwest!

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