Buffet-Style vs. Server-Style Catering

August 31, 2023 9:00 am
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When it comes down to your catered dinner for your special event, you’ll want a menu that will not only stand out but satisfy everybody in attendance! Typically, you can opt-in for a buffet menu or pre-selected menu to be served round by round. To decide between buffet-style and server-style catering, consider the nature of your event, your budget, and your guests’ preferences. Keep reading for what to consider when discussing your catering menu with us!

What is the formality level of your event?

Choose server-style catering for formal occasions like weddings, and buffet-style for more casual gatherings like birthdays and corporate meetings.

How diverse are your guests’ dietary preferences and restrictions?

Buffets offer more choices for guests to get as much or as little of what they want from a set menu. Serving-style catering allows for specific accommodations to be made for individual guests. Both options cater to guests with dietary preferences – it’s just a matter of how many and how different the restrictions are! Bring any concerns for nut allergies, gluten intolerances, and/or vegan-vegetarian requests our way, and we’ll help you craft a menu that keeps every guest in mind.

What is your budget?

If you need to keep costs down, buffet-style catering may be more economical. Food is made in bulk for buffets, compared to a plate-by-plate basis for serving. Contact us for pricing!

Is space a concern for your event?

For events with limited space, server-style catering can help manage congestion. Food will be prepped away from the event and brought out to your seat, compared to taking up a stretch of needed space. On the other hand, buffets are great if you have room for both food AND people at your choice of venue!

How do you want the event’s dining experience to feel?

Buffets encourage mingling and self-service, while serving food round by round is more structured and refined. We have tons of experience in both types of events – feel free to ask us for our take!

All in all, carefully consider your budget, the formality of your event, and your guests’ needs to make the best choice. Whichever option you select, remember that the quality of the food and service will always be five-star when you choose Wild Currant Catering!

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